Meditation on Glass Wind Chimes

In the pre-dawn darkness of the morning, a tree, made of small squares of sea glass, makes the most delightful sound.  “Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle” says the wind chimes with each gentle breeze.  As the sun makes its way across the horizon at the foot of my bed, the glass wind chimes sing their soft song to me.  They sing about flexibility, to move like the chimes in the wind as I face challenges in my day.  They remind me to be still and listen.  They sing about finding gratitude in my day.  These timeless, low tech wind chimes offer opportunities to practice mindfulness and to be in the moment with every tinkle.  The glass wind chimes encourage me to meditate on their beautiful song.  I slowly open my eyes and watch them glisten and dance in sun.  I look forward to ending my day in much the same way.

Tree-shaped glass wind chimes

Glass Wind Chimes Tinkle in the Wind




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