Mesmerizing Musicians at Santa Fe Plaza

“Mesmerizing” is how I would describe a group of musicians in the Plaza of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  A hub of activity in Santa Fe, the Plaza was the stage for a wonderful group of musicians who come together informally to play, just play for the sheer joy of it.  The Plaza is a place of community for young, old, crossword puzzle fun, dog socializing, sunbathing, snacking on local vendors’ fare, and just chillin’. Santa Fe Musicians

George plays the flute that beckons you from the across the park, drawing you in.  He also wails on the harmonica.

Santa Fe Musicians
Santa Fe Musicians

Bobby plays the guitar and sings so beautifully.

 Santa Fe Musicians Santa Fe Musicians Santa Fe MusiciansJohnny (a.k.a. NailMan) serenaded us with the flute and kept the beat with a Native American drum. Santa Fe Musicians

Santa Fe Musicians Santa Fe Musicians

Santa Fe MusiciansEvery now and then, a mandolin player joins the group in the plaza.

Santa Fe Musicians

They make sweet sounds attracting tourists like us and regulars in the Plaza to enjoy new songs and favorites.  This is a part of our trip that we will always remember.  Their CDs are for sale and tips are appreciated.  Check them out when you are in Santa Fe. Santa Fe Musicians



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